Absu. The Third Storm Of Cythraul

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American esoteric black metal band with a sound informed both by thrash and death metal. Formed in Dallas, TX in 1989, the band's name was originally Dolmen but this was soon changed to Absu, drawing thematic influence from middle-eastern and celtic mythology they recorded four albums and an EP from 1993 to 2001. The band was put on hiatus as guitarist and bassist Equitant Ifernain and Shaftiel departed, citing musical differences and disinterest in the band, respectively. Drummer Proscriptor injured his hand thereafter, requiring surgery, healing and therapy. In 2007, Proscriptor resurrected Absu, announcing a new line-up and a new (self-titled) album was released in 2009.


  1. Prelusion To Cythrául Including ...And Shineth Unto The Cold Cometh... 6:48
  2. Highland Tyrant Attack 4:58
  3. A Magician's Lapis-Lazuli 3:08
  4. Swords And Leather 3:07
  5. The Winter Zephyr (...Within Kingdoms Of Mist) 2:59
  6. Morbid Scream 2:10
  7. Customs Of Tasseomancy (Quoth The Sky, Nevermore) Act I 3:57
  8. Intelligence Towards The Crown 1:56
  9. ...Of Celtic Fire, We Are Born Including Terminus (...In The Eyes Of Ioldanach) 8:33

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