Darkflight. In A Breathless Flight

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Atmospheric black/doom metal duo from Varna, Bulgaria.

From the official website:

Darkflight started in the year 2000, creating a mix of blackened doom metal with fantasy influenced lyrics. In the beginning of 2002, the debut demo "Obscure" was completed, with the demo's concept inspired by Adam Nichols's fantasy book, "The War Of The Lords Veil". The label Totentroll (Rage of Achilles subsidiary), who specialized in releasing 7" vinyls of fantasy metal, proposed to release two of the demo tracks as an EP single called "Alone Somewhere Beyond". Meanwhile, Darkflight recorded the album "Under The Shadow Of Fear" and attracted the attention of the main label. They both decided to focus on releasing a full length and the 7" EP single was cancelled. The band signed a 2 album record deal, and the album was released on June 30th, 2003.

Darkflight started recordings for the next album called "The Northern Campaign". In the middle of 2004, Rage of Achilles announced that it would cease to exist due to financial problems. The band used some of the unfinished album tracks and released an online Promo, while searching for a new label.

A few labels contacted the band during that time and while Darkflight didn't have enough material for a second full length, they decided to join in a split album with another band. Together, Oak Knoll Productions and Konklav Records planned a split release with the French band Ars Moriendi. Unfortunately, Oak Knoll Productions couldn't handle the manufacturing costs, as well as having very serious financial problems, resulting in the canceling of the CD.

During 2007 year the band released the 3rd demo called "Distant Pain" and immediately caught the attention of the US based label Ars Magna Recordings. Recording sessions took place in the winter of 2007 and the second full length album named "Perfectly Calm" was completed, containing some new songs, the "Distant Pain" demo and two of the tracks from the unreleased split album. The album was released on the 6th of June 2008 and contains 8 tracks of nearly 60 minutes of playing time. Currently the band is working on a new full length album with the temporary title "Closure".


  1. Marching North 4:20
  2. A Long Fall 6:20
  3. I Chose You 7:00
  4. Good Riddance 4:14
  5. Scattered Into Darkness 6:01
  6. In A Breathless Flight 8:29

Pro-printed CD-R limited to 150 copies. Recorded at Digital Terror studio, Varna. The winter of 2009/2010