Georgiy Matviyiv (Георгий Матвиив). On The Edge (На Краю)

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 Увага! Диск новий, а ось обкладинка зсередини зіпсована (див. Фото) - тому продається за чисто символічну ціну


  1. Prelude And Fugue
  2. Improvisation On The Folk Theme #2
  3. Journey Home
  4. Foretaste
  5. On The Edge
  6. Introduction And Toccata
  7. My Angel

Georgiy Matviyiv is a bandurist an innovator, composer, arranger, soloist of ensemble "Seagull", soloist of the "European Jazz Orchestra 2012", the teacher of the Odessa National Academy of A.V. Nezhdanova, soloist of the Odessa Philharmonic, the winner of more then 30 international academic and jazz competitions and festivals.

Georgiy Matviyiv was born on September 11, 1986 in the city of Mykolayiv in the family of employees.

This is what Georgiy tells about the start of his musical career: "It all started in the time when I was 5 years old, I had problems with remembering poems — and my parents decided to take me to the choir. I was visiting it for a month or so. Then the choir director said that the boy (me) had no ears for music. After that my parents took me away from there — being completely confident that they already had figured out my musical abilities. In addition to that, I wanted to be a banker in childhood and already played with my parents in the "Bank" game since I was five. I guess that's why I was sent to the school with deep study of mathematics. And if it were not for the amateur club of bandura, which was accepting new participants only by the high marks in math — I would never become a bandurist... So it was not me who chose bandura — but it chose me itself".

In 2003 — 2012, he graduated Odessa National Musical Academy of A. Nezhdanova (preparatory courses, bachelor's, master's, graduate school) teacher, Ph.D., Honored Artist of Ukraine, professor Morozevich N.V.

There are already 3 albums published, made in jazz, folk, impressionism, blues and "charming" style. Over 2,500 copies are already sold. A video clip was made by Georgiy's piece "Wild West Jazz" (directed by Anastasia Ursu), which was shown on ukrainian and russian television. This was the first video made for the solo jazz bandura music ever.

Georgiy has invented a number of new playing techniques on bandura, which became the topic for his thesis. Also he is giving lessons in the department of folk bandura instruments in the Odessa National Academy of Music Nezhdanova.

He wages an active concert life in the cities of Russia and Ukraine with the solo program. He was the founder of the "Georgiy Matvitiv Band".