La Mort

350 грн.

Not On Label (Self-released)


The idea of La Mort was first conceived in the summer of 2011, and was intended to be the name under which I, and others, would sell our own hand-made death art prints. It became so much more.

We arrived at Camden market at the end of September that year, and brought with us black funereal drapes, gothic screenprinted posters and our very first runs of T-shirts. We hoped, with time, that it would grow into something, and we spent the next there years trading every weekend and expanding our collection of work. Many of you will have first found us at Camden. Maybe you hung out with us while we sat and inked our designs.

We started out printing all of our posters and clothing ourselves and I borrowed a sewing machine so we could sew in all our own neck tags. Family and friends helped us, and in time we developed a style of illustration and a brand for which we are known today.

By 2013, stores started to stock La Mort, and our clothing was being produced in a factory. We stopped selling prints and posters and went all-in as a clothing brand, working hard to build an organic following and do things the right way. Along the way we've attracted a cult following of ultra-loyal customers, who have become part of our story and who allow us to make this business our lives.

La Mort is the banner under which we explore our ideas about art, death, and the occult and, today, we are a family-run art and clothing brand that still does things the same way as we always have. We have a fierce passion for what we do and we make sure that it shows in each new design we produce.