Lightnin' Hopkins. MP3 Collection. 2 x CD-ROM

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2 x CD-ROM, Compilation, MP3
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01 Blues Train (1951)
1-1 –Lightnin' Hopkins Hello Central
1-2 –Lightnin' Hopkins Coffee Blues
1-3 –Lightnin' Hopkins Long Way From Texas
1-4 –Lightnin' Hopkins Mad As I Can Be
1-5 –Lightnin' Hopkins New Short-Haired Woman
1-6 –Lightnin' Hopkins Gotta Move
1-7 –Lightnin' Hopkins Everybody's Down On Me
1-8 –Lightnin' Hopkins Freight Train
1-9 –Lightnin' Hopkins Prayin' Ground Blues
1-10 –Lightnin' Hopkins Don't Think I'm Crazy
1-11 –Lightnin' Hopkins Dirty House Blues
1-12 –Lightnin' Hopkins Everything Happens To Me
1-13 –Lightnin' Hopkins I Wonder Why
1-14 –Lightnin' Hopkins Buck Dance Boogie
1-15 –Lightnin' Hopkins Mad As I Can Be (Alternate Unreleased Take)
02 Flash Lightnin' (1954)
1-16 –Lightnin' Hopkins Life I Used To Live
1-17 –Lightnin' Hopkins My Little Kewpie Doll
1-18 –Lightnin' Hopkins Sittin' Down Thinkin'
1-19 –Lightnin' Hopkins My Baby's Gone
1-20 –Lightnin' Hopkins Hear Me Talkin'
1-21 –Lightnin' Hopkins Don't Think Cause You're Pretty
1-22 –Lightnin' Hopkins Nothin' But The Blues
1-23 –Lightnin' Hopkins Hopkins' Sky Hop
1-24 –Lightnin' Hopkins Lightnin's Boogie
1-25 –Lightnin' Hopkins Lightnin's Stomp
1-26 –Lightnin' Hopkins Blues For My Cookie
1-27 –Lightnin' Hopkins Evil Hearted Woman
03 Sittin In With (1953)
1-28 –Lightnin' Hopkins Contrary Mary
1-29 –Lightnin' Hopkins Why Did You Get Mad At Me?
1-30 –Lightnin' Hopkins Down To The River
1-31 –Lightnin' Hopkins I'm Beggin' You
1-32 –Lightnin' Hopkins Bald Headed Woman
1-33 –Lightnin' Hopkins Talking
1-34 –Lightnin' Hopkins What Kind Of Heart Have You
1-35 –Lightnin' Hopkins Back Home Boogie
1-36 –Lightnin' Hopkins New York Boogie
1-37 –Lightnin' Hopkins Broken Hearted Blues
1-38 –Lightnin' Hopkins Long Way From Texas
1-39 –Lightnin' Hopkins My Heart To Weep
1-40 –Lightnin' Hopkins Tap Dance Boogie
1-41 –Lightnin' Hopkins Home In The Woods
1-42 –Lightnin' Hopkins So Sorry
1-43 –Lightnin' Hopkins Fannie Mae
1-44 –Lightnin' Hopkins Cemetary Blues
1-45 –Lightnin' Hopkins Happy New Year
04 Country Blues (1955)
1-46 –Lightnin' Hopkins Long Time
1-47 –Lightnin' Hopkins Rainy Day Blues
1-48 –Lightnin' Hopkins Baby!
1-49 –Lightnin' Hopkins Long Gone Like A Turkey Thru The Corn (Long John)
1-50 –Lightnin' Hopkins Prison Blues Come Down On Me
1-51 –Lightnin' Hopkins Backwater Blues (That Mean Old Twister)
1-52 –Lightnin' Hopkins Gonna Pull A Party
1-53 –Lightnin' Hopkins Bluebird, Bluebird
1-54 –Lightnin' Hopkins See See Rider
1-55 –Lightnin' Hopkins Worrying My Mind
1-56 –Lightnin' Hopkins Till The Gin Gets Here
1-57 –Lightnin' Hopkins Bunion Stew
1-58 –Lightnin' Hopkins You Got To Work To Get You Pay
1-59 –Lightnin' Hopkins Go Down Old Hannah
1-60 –Lightnin' Hopkins Hear My Black Dog Bark
05 Last Night Blues (with Sonny Terry) (1960)
1-61 –Lightnin' Hopkins & Sonny Terry Rocky Mountain
1-62 –Lightnin' Hopkins & Sonny Terry Got To Move Your Baby
1-63 –Lightnin' Hopkins & Sonny Terry So Sorry To Leave You
1-64 –Lightnin' Hopkins & Sonny Terry Take A Trip With Me
1-65 –Lightnin' Hopkins & Sonny Terry Last Night Blues
1-66 –Lightnin' Hopkins & Sonny Terry Lightnin's Stroke
1-67 –Lightnin' Hopkins & Sonny Terry Hard To Love A Woman
1-68 –Lightnin' Hopkins & Sonny Terry Conversation Blues
06 Ligtnin' In New-York (1960)
1-69 –Lightnin' Hopkins Take It Easy
1-70 –Lightnin' Hopkins Mighty Crazy
1-71 –Lightnin' Hopkins Your Own Fault, Baby, To Treat Me The Way You Do
1-72 –Lightnin' Hopkins I've Had My Fun If I Don't Get Well No More
1-73 –Lightnin' Hopkins The Trouble Blues
1-74 –Lightnin' Hopkins Lightnin's Piano Boogie
1-75 –Lightnin' Hopkins Wonder Why
1-76 –Lightnin' Hopkins Mister Charlie
07 Blues In My Bottle (1961)
1-77 –Lightnin' Hopkins Buddy Brown's Blues
1-78 –Lightnin' Hopkins Wine Spondee-O-Dee
1-79 –Lightnin' Hopkins Sail On, Little Girl, Sail On
1-80 –Lightnin' Hopkins DC-7
1-81 –Lightnin' Hopkins Death Bells
1-82 –Lightnin' Hopkins Goin' To Dallas To See My Pony Run
1-83 –Lightnin' Hopkins Jailhouse Blues
1-84 –Lightnin' Hopkins Blues In The Bottle
1-85 –Lightnin' Hopkins Beans, Beans, Beans
1-86 –Lightnin' Hopkins Catfish Blues
1-87 –Lightnin' Hopkins My Grandpa Is Old Too!
08 The Gold Star Session - Vol 2 (1961)
1-88 –Lightnin' Hopkins Walking Blues
1-89 –Lightnin' Hopkins Shining Moon
1-90 –Lightnin' Hopkins Ida May
1-91 –Lightnin' Hopkins Mercy
1-92 –Lightnin' Hopkins Automobile Blues
1-93 –Lightnin' Hopkins Glory B. Blues (Blue Bird Blues)
1-94 –Lightnin' Hopkins All I Got Is Gone
1-95 –Lightnin' Hopkins Whiskey Blues
1-96 –Lightnin' Hopkins European Blues
1-97 –Lightnin' Hopkins What Can It Be
1-98 –Lightnin' Hopkins Lonesome Home
1-99 –Lightnin' Hopkins Appetite Blues
1-100 –Lightnin' Hopkins Lightning Blues
1-101 –Lightnin' Hopkins Hammond Boogie (Organ Boogie)
1-102 –Lightnin' Hopkins Rollin' Woman Blues
1-103 –Lightnin' Hopkins Jail House Blues
1-104 –Lightnin' Hopkins T-Model Blues
1-105 –Lightnin' Hopkins No Mail Blues
1-106 –Lightnin' Hopkins Ain't It A Shame
1-107 –Lightnin' Hopkins Old Woman Blues
1-108 –Lightnin' Hopkins Untrue Blues
1-109 –Lightnin' Hopkins Henny Penny Blues
1-110 –Lightnin' Hopkins Jackstropper Blues
1-111 –Lightnin' Hopkins Grievance Blues
09 Lightnin' Strikes Back (1962)
1-112 –Lightnin' Hopkins Introduction
1-113 –Lightnin' Hopkins Big Car Blues
1-114 –Lightnin' Hopkins Coffee House Blues
1-115 –Lightnin' Hopkins Stool Pigeon Blues
1-116 –Lightnin' Hopkins Ball Of Twine
1-117 –Lightnin' Hopkins Mary Lou
1-118 –Lightnin' Hopkins Want To Come Home
1-119 –Lightnin' Hopkins Rolling And Rolling
1-120 –Lightnin' Hopkins Devil Is Watching You
1-121 –Lightnin' Hopkins Please Don't Quit Me
1-122 –Lightnin' Hopkins Coon Is Hard To Catch
1-123 –Lightnin' Hopkins Heavy Snow
1-124 –Lightnin' Hopkins Walking Round In Circles
1-125 –Lightnin' Hopkins War Is Starting Again
1-126 –Lightnin' Hopkins Got Me A Louisiana Woman
10 How Many More Years I Got (1962)
1-127 –Lightnin' Hopkins How Many More Years I Got
1-128 –Lightnin' Hopkins Walkin' This Road By Myself
1-129 –Lightnin' Hopkins The Devil Jumped The Black Man
1-130 –Lightnin' Hopkins My Baby Don't Stand No Cheatin'
1-131 –Lightnin' Hopkins Black Cadillac
1-132 –Lightnin' Hopkins You Is One Black Rat
1-133 –Lightnin' Hopkins The Fox Chase
1-134 –Lightnin' Hopkins Mojo Hand
1-135 –Lightnin' Hopkins Mama Blues
1-136 –Lightnin' Hopkins My Black Name
1-137 –Lightnin' Hopkins Prison Farm Blues
1-138 –Lightnin' Hopkins Ida Mae
1-139 –Lightnin' Hopkins I Got A Leak In This Old Building
1-140 –Lightnin' Hopkins Happy Blues For John Glenn
1-141 –Lightnin' Hopkins Worried Life Blues
1-142 –Lightnin' Hopkins Sinner's Prayer
1-143 –Lightnin' Hopkins Angel Child
1-144 –Lightnin' Hopkins Pneumonia Blues
1-145 –Lightnin' Hopkins Have You Ever Been Mistreated
01 Hootin' The Blues- A Brand New Live Recording (1962)
2-1 –Lightnin' Hopkins Blues Is A Feeling
2-2 –Lightnin' Hopkins Me And Ray Charles
2-3 –Lightnin' Hopkins In The Evening (When The Sun Goes Down)
2-4 –Lightnin' Hopkins Ain't It Crazy
2-5 –Lightnin' Hopkins Last Night I Lost The Best Friend I Ever Had
2-6 –Lightnin' Hopkins Everything
2-7 –Lightnin' Hopkins I Work Down On The Chain Gang
2-8 –Lightnin' Hopkins Meet Me In The Bottom
02 Goin' Away (1963)
2-9 –Lightnin' Hopkins Wake Up Old Lady
2-10 –Lightnin' Hopkins Don't Embarrass Me, Baby
2-12 –Lightnin' Hopkins Stranger Here
2-13 –Lightnin' Hopkins Little Sister's Boogie
2-14 –Lightnin' Hopkins Goin' Away
2-15 –Lightnin' Hopkins You Better Stop Her
2-16 –Lightnin' Hopkins Business You're Doin'
2-17 –Lightnin' Hopkins I'm Wit' It
03 The King Of Blues (1964)
2-18 –Lightnin' Hopkins Baby, Please Don't Go
2-19 –Lightnin' Hopkins My Black Cadillac
2-20 –Lightnin' Hopkins It's Crazy
2-21 –Lightnin' Hopkins Mojo Hand
2-22 –Lightnin' Hopkins My Babe
2-23 –Lightnin' Hopkins Short Haired Woman
2-24 –Lightnin' Hopkins Mean Old Frisco
2-25 –Lightnin' Hopkins Trouble In Mind
2-26 –Lightnin' Hopkins The Twister
2-27 –Lightnin' Hopkins Green Onion
2-28 –Lightnin' Hopkins Sun Goin' Down
2-29 –Lightnin' Hopkins Come Go Home With Me
2-30 –Lightnin' Hopkins I'm A Stranger
04 The Hopkins Brothers (Joel, Lightning And John Henry) (1964)
2-31 –The Hopkins Brothers See About My Brother John Henry
2-32 –The Hopkins Brothers Hot Blooded Woman
2-33 –The Hopkins Brothers Black Hannah
2-34 –The Hopkins Brothers I Want To Go Fishing
2-35 –The Hopkins Brothers Doin' Little Heiffer
2-36 –The Hopkins Brothers Hey, Baby Hey
2-37 –The Hopkins Brothers Saddle Up My Grey Mare
2-38 –The Hopkins Brothers Tell Me, Tell Me
2-39 –The Hopkins Brothers Little Girl
2-40 –The Hopkins Brothers I Got A Brother In Waxahachie
2-41 –The Hopkins Brothers Matchbox Blues
2-42 –The Hopkins Brothers Home With Mama
2-43 –The Hopkins Brothers Come Down To My House
2-44 –The Hopkins Brothers Grosebeck Blues
2-45 –The Hopkins Brothers The Dice Game
2-46 –The Hopkins Brothers I Walked From Dallas
2-47 –The Hopkins Brothers Two Brothers Playing (Going Back To Baden-Baden)
05 Morning Blues - Charlie Blues Masterworks Vol 8 (1965)
2-48 –Lightnin' Hopkins Found My Baby Crying
2-49 –Lightnin' Hopkins Letter To My (Back Door Friend)
2-50 –Lightnin' Hopkins Fishing Clothes
2-51 –Lightnin' Hopkins Morning Blues
2-52 –Lightnin' Hopkins Gambler's Blues
2-53 –Lightnin' Hopkins Wig Wearing Woman
2-54 –Lightnin' Hopkins Lonesome Dog Blues
2-55 –Lightnin' Hopkins Last Affair
2-56 –Lightnin' Hopkins Lovin' Arms
2-57 –Lightnin' Hopkins Rock Me Mama
2-58 –Lightnin' Hopkins Mr. Charlie Pt.1
2-59 –Lightnin' Hopkins Mr. Charlie Pt.2
2-60 –Lightnin' Hopkins Play With Your Poodle
2-61 –Lightnin' Hopkins You're Too Fast
2-62 –Lightnin' Hopkins Love Me This Morning
2-63 –Lightnin' Hopkins I'm Comin' Home
2-64 –Lightnin' Hopkins Ride In Your New Automobile
2-65 –Lightnin' Hopkins Breakfast Time
06 Houston Gold (1968)
2-66 –Lightnin' Hopkins Late In The Evening
2-67 –Lightnin' Hopkins Lightnin' Jump
2-68 –Lightnin' Hopkins War Is Starting Agian
2-69 –Lightnin' Hopkins Got Me A Louisiana Woman
2-70 –Lightnin' Hopkins Born In The Bottoms
2-71 –Lightnin' Hopkins Mojo Hand
2-72 –Lightnin' Hopkins The World's A Tangle
2-73 –Lightnin' Hopkins I Went To Louisiana
2-74 –Lightnin' Hopkins I Feel Like Balling The Jack
2-75 –Lightnin' Hopkins A Man Like Me Is Hard To Find
2-76 –Lightnin' Hopkins Go Ahead
2-77 –Lightnin' Hopkins I Wonder Where She Can Be Tonight
2-78 –Lightnin' Hopkins Old Man
2-79 –Lightnin' Hopkins Moving Out
2-80 –Lightnin' Hopkins Crying For Bread
07 Lonesome Life (1969)
2-81 –Lightnin' Hopkins Rainy Day In Houston
2-82 –Lightnin' Hopkins Lonesome Life
2-83 –Lightnin' Hopkins You Just Gotta Miss Me
2-84 –Lightnin' Hopkins Pine Gum Boogie
2-85 –Lightnin' Hopkins Wake Up The Dead
2-86 –Lightnin' Hopkins How Dooz It
2-87 –Lightnin' Hopkins Got A Letter This Morning
2-88 –Lightnin' Hopkins Stinking Foot
2-89 –Lightnin' Hopkins Walking And Walking
2-90 –Lightnin' Hopkins Good As Old Time Religion
2-91 –Lightnin' Hopkins Born In The Bottoms
2-92 –Lightnin' Hopkins Balling The Jack
2-93 –Lightnin' Hopkins The World's In A Tangle
2-94 –Lightnin' Hopkins A Man Like Me Is Hard To Find
08 Los Angeles Blues (1969)
2-95 –Lightnin' Hopkins California Mudslide
2-96 –Lightnin' Hopkins Rosie Mae
2-97 –Lightnin' Hopkins Los Angeles Blues
2-98 –Lightnin' Hopkins Easy On Your Heels
2-99 –Lightnin' Hopkins New Santa Fe
2-100 –Lightnin' Hopkins Jesus, Would You Come By Here
2-101 –Lightnin' Hopkins No Education
2-102 –Lightnin' Hopkins Antoinette's Blues
2-103 –Lightnin' Hopkins Change My Way Of Living
2-104 –Lightnin' Hopkins Los Angeles Boogie
2-105 –Lightnin' Hopkins Call On My Baby
09 Forever - Last Recordings (1981)
2-106 –Lightnin' Hopkins Intro
2-107 –Lightnin' Hopkins Watch Yourself
2-108 –Lightnin' Hopkins Houston Rock
2-109 –Lightnin' Hopkins Baby Pleaser Don't Go
2-110 –Lightnin' Hopkins Pa' And Ma' Hopkins
2-111 –Lightnin' Hopkins Mojo Hand
2-112 –Lightnin' Hopkins Po' Man Trouble
2-113 –Lightnin' Hopkins You Better Watch Yourself
258 –Lightnin' Hopkins Rock Me Baby
2-114 –Lightnin' Hopkins My Babe
2-115 –Lightnin' Hopkins Trouble In Mind
10 The Blues Of Lightnin' Hopkins
2-116 –Lightnin' Hopkins Automobile Blues
2-117 –Lightnin' Hopkins You Better Watch Yourself
2-118 –Lightnin' Hopkins Mean Old Frisco
2-119 –Lightnin' Hopkins Shinin' Moon
2-120 –Lightnin' Hopkins Come Back Baby
2-121 –Lightnin' Hopkins Thinkin' 'Bout An Old Friend
2-122 –Lightnin' Hopkins The Walkin' Blues
2-123 –Lightnin' Hopkins Back To New Orleans
2-124 –Lightnin' Hopkins Katie Mae
2-125 –Lightnin' Hopkins Down There Baby