Maiden Voyage / Amaranthine Trampler. The Journey Embarks / ...As The Colour Of Love Flows From My Shattered Teeth

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CD, Compilation
Endless Desperation



The Journey Embarks
1 Maiden Voyage The Journey Begins (Introduction) 3:48
2 Maiden Voyage Opaline Waterfalls 10:46
3 Maiden Voyage Behold Mist-Laden Landscapes 8:37
4 Maiden Voyage Bidding Farewell 10:16
...As The Colour Of Love Flows From My Shattered Teeth
5 Amaranthine Trampler The Clouds Part For Endless Grief 6:20
6 Amaranthine Trampler Autumn Is Dying - Winter Is Dead 7:42
7 Amaranthine Trampler Rot In Loneliness Forever 6:44
8 Amaranthine Trampler The Box 7:43
9 Amaranthine Trampler A Celebration Of Life 5:31
10 Amaranthine Trampler Crossing The River And Onward 5:17
11 Amaranthine Trampler Fathom The Misery 3:32

Limited 1000 hand-numbered copies. The second release from "Infinyty in Soul" series.