NIK_TO (Ex-DJ). The Flora

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NIK_TO (real name Nikolay Savenich) – one the most experienced Ukrainian artists who works in contemporary "sophisticated" electronic music genre. His music career is not marked with any prestigious awards but his compositions were all the time noticed by the critics and the audience. His music is the bright example of high education, sophisticated taste, perfect understanding of Time and real professionalism. This musician is always in search of something new, trying to combine different elements into the whole.

The first album – The Treeson – was released in August 2003. Being tired of "keeping" the whole band Nik isolated himself from the world in the studio and recorded the material which we can describe as best specimen of intellectual electronic music.


Chapter 1
1 Embrio Razor (Part1) 10:02
2 In The Contract 0:44
3 Smootha Sound 0:44
4 Rauella 4:21
Chapter 2
5 Test The Style 2:04
6 Quiet And Slow 7:27
7 Flora Song (Anybody Help) 3:29
Chapter 3
8 Drop.Drip.Dripping 4:29
9 Cold Water (Torn Song) 4:27
Chapter 4
10 Sculptor 5:35
11 The URBAN-CITY After Zerro 1:05
Chapter 5
12 Embrio Razor (Part2) 8:42
13 In The Memorium 5:32
Chapter 6
14 Ashes To Ashes (To The End) 8:14

Episode one 2005 delete movie. only soundtrack. Total time 67:03. Вироблено в Україні / Made in Ukraine. Booklet: 4 pages. Released in a regular jewel case with clear tray.