Nox. Ixaxaar

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Death metal from the Netherlands, Formed in 2003. Originally known as Centurian, but changed their name following the departures of Wim van der Valk and Jerry Brouwer to reflect a change in sound. When Rob Oorthuis began writing new music that sounded more like Centurian, he revived that project and placed Nox on hold.


  1. Choronzonic Chaos Gods 3:36
  2. Blind Mad God 4:48
  3. Darkness Undying 3:48
  4. Zacar Od Zamran 3:04
  5. Insane Hatred For The Supposed Creator 3:31
  6. The Jesus Sect 3:34
  7. Intoxicated With Death 4:10
  8. Satan Ex-Machina 2:41
  9. Zazaz 4:42