Six Feet Under. Graveyard Classics

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Six Feet Under was formed back in 1993 by Chris Barnes (Vocals) of Cannibal Corpse, Allen West (Guitar) of Obituary, Terry Butler (Bass) of Death and Greg Gall (Drums). The band didn't become a full-time band until Chris Barnes left Cannibal Corpse in 1995. Same year they debuted with the album "Haunted". The release was followed by the EP "Alive And Dead" in 1996.

In 1997 the album "Warpath" was released and it gained the band more succes than ever. However, after the release Allen West left the band and was replaced by Steve Swanson of Massacre. Matt Cohen (Guitar) also joined the band for a short peroid of time. In 1999 they returned with the album "Maximum Violence" which was their most successful release to date. They then embarked on tours and in 2000 they returned to the studio to record "Graveyard Classics" which only consisted of classic metal covers.

In 2001 they were back with the album "True Carnage" which had Karyn Crisis, Paul Booth and Ice-T as guest vocalist. In 2003 "Bringer of Blood" was released.


  1. Holocaust
  2. TNT
  3. Sweet Leaf
  4. Piranha
  5. Son Of A Bitch
  6. Stepping Stone
  7. Confused
  8. California Über Alles
  9. Smoke On The Water
  10. Blackout
  11. Purple Haze
  12. In League With Satan

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