Synopsis. Синопсис

160 грн.

Як новий
LP, Album


Estonian group SYNOPSIS first started out in 1977. The creative nucleus of the band consisted of Igor Garsnek (keyboards) and Nevil Blumberg (guitars). By 1980, a relatively stable line-up was formed and the group started recording material. But in 1981, the band went into hiatus. The material recorded at these sessions remains unreleased to this day. In 1984 Blumberg and Garsnek revived the band. They wrote and recorded a new album with the help of some select studio musicians and released their self titled LP in 1986. When the album came out, Synopsis had already broken up; with Blumberg joining the jazz-rock group Radar and Garsnek hooking up with the Estonian prog rock group Ruja.


  1. Маски = Masks 5:13
  2. Грот = Grotto 5:25
  3. Менестрель = Minstrel 3:10
  4. Медитативный Пейзаж = Meditative Landscape 6:25
  5. Король-Змей = The Snake King 6:04
  6. Одиночество = Loneliness 6:41
  7. Романтическая Баллада = Romantic Ballad 4:02
  8. Нэцуке = Nezucke 5:36