Тангра. Тангра II

95 грн.

Дуже хороший
LP, Album


Bulgarian rock band created by Konstantin Markov and Alexander Petrunov in 1976 and existed until 1990. Many people believe that the group cease-existent in 1986, but in fact it happens four years later. Between 1986 and 1990 the band played in the Nordic countries.


  • A1 Оловният Войник (The Lead Soldier)
  • A2 На Тридесет И Пет (At Thirty-Five)
  • A3 Бъди Какъвто Си (Be What You Are)
  • A4 До Последен Дъх (Till The Last Breath)
  • B1 Черно-Бяла Снимка (A Black-And-White Photo)
  • B2 Неделя (Sunday)
  • B3 Закъсняла Любов (Late Love)
  • B4 Делник (Workday)
  • B5 Така Стоят Нещата (That's How Things Are)
  • B6 Циркът (The Circus)