Jack Frost, The. Demo

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CD, Compilation
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THE JACKFROST are a Ukrainian alternative rock band from Kiyev. Made of a trio of professional and experienced musicians. The band perform post-grunge, hard rock, post-punk in English, and is a typically DIY rock band. Initially called "JACK FROST", in 2011 the band reunited after a long creative break,and the name had to be changed to "THE JACKFROST", because of the existence of the Austrian group with the same name. The band love to experiment especially with rythm and do their best to develop their own unique style. On account of group is several DIY albums listed to their own. In Poland was released CD with performance at festival WEGORZEWO' 96. Eeach of memebers has a lots of performances at home with the band and in USA, Canada, UK with another projects. Now the band continues to write and record a lot of new songs, notably a variety of styles. The first members of the group was: Igor Sereda "Maliy" - drums; Sergey Kravchenko "Bill" - bass R.I.P. ; Bortnichuk Evhen "Jack" - guitar, vocal. From 2011 there was several bassist changes. The current members of the band are: Igor Sereda "MALIY"on drums, Evhen Bortnichuk "JACK" on guitar, lead vocal, Yevdokim Reshetko "KIMICH" on bass, back vocal.

In their work group focused more on European audience. The band is looking forward to introducing their music to an international audience and representing their country in Europe, to be heard and leave their cultural trail on the Earth.