Various artists. Les Triomphes Du Rhythm 'N' Blues

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20 x CD, Compilation



Let The Good Times Roll - Volume 1
1-1 Louis Jordan– Caldonia
1-2 Louis Jordan– Choo Choo Ch' Boogie
1-3 Louis Jordan– Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens
1-4 Louis Jordan– Let The Good Times Roll
1-5 Louis Jordan– Reet, Petite And Gone
1-6 Louis Jordan– Buzz Me
1-7 Louis Jordan– Boogie Woogie Blue Plate
1-8 Louis Jordan– Look Out
1-9 Louis Jordan– You're Much Too Fat (And That's That)
1-10 Louis Jordan– Pettin' And Pokin'
1-11 Louis Jordan– Safe, Sane And Single
1-12 Louis Jordan– Push-Ka Pee-Shee Pie (The Saga Of Saga Boy)
1-13 Louis Jordan– Coleslaw
1-14 Louis Jordan– Beans And Corn Bread
1-15 Louis Jordan– Pientop's Boogie
1-16 Louis Jordan– Saxa Woogie
1-17 Louis Jordan– I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
1-18 Louis Jordan– Five Guys Named Moe
1-19 Louis Jordan– Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby
1-20 Louis Jordan– I Like 'Em Fat Like That
1-21 Louis Jordan– Baby, It's Cold Outside
1-22 Louis Jordan– Ain't Nobody Business But My Own
1-23 Louis Jordan– I'll Be Glad When You're Dead (You Rascal, You)
1-24 Louis Jordan– Lemonade
1-25 Louis Jordan– Saturday Night Fish Fry
The Genius - Volume 2
2-1 Ray Charles– Mess Around
2-2 Ray Charles– Feelin' Sad
2-3 Ray Charles– I Wonder Who
2-4 Ray Charles– Ray Blues
2-5 Ray Charles– It Should Have Been Me
2-6 Ray Charles– Don't You Know
2-7 Ray Charles– Losing Hand
2-8 Ray Charles– Sinner's Prayer
2-9 Ray Charles– Funny (But I Still Love You)
2-10 Ray Charles– Someday
2-11 Ray Charles– The Sun's Gonna Shine
2-12 Ray Charles– The Midnight Hour
2-13 Ray Charles– Nobody Cares
2-14 Ray Charles– Hey Now
2-15 Ray Charles– Kissa Me Baby
2-16 Ray Charles– Roll With Me Baby
2-17 Ray Charles– Jumpin' In The Morning
2-18 Ray Charles– Late In The Evening Blues
2-19 Ray Charles– The Snow Is Falling
2-20 Ray Charles– Misery In My Heart
2-21 Ray Charles– Baby Let Me Hear You Call My Name
2-22 Ray Charles– Mr Charles Blues
2-23 Ray Charles– Baby Won't You Please Come Home
2-24 Ray Charles– Th'Ego Song
2-25 Ray Charles– I'll Do Anything But Work
Rhythm & Blues Revue - Volume 3
3-1 Johnny Otis Rhythm And Blues Revue– All Night Long
3-2 Johnny Otis Rhythm And Blues Revue– Honky Tonk Boogie
3-3 Johnny Otis Rhythm And Blues Revue– Mambo Boogie
3-4 Johnny Otis Rhythm And Blues Revue– New Orleans Shuffle
3-5 Johnny Otis Rhythm And Blues Revue– Midnight In The Barrelhouse
3-6 Johnny Otis Rhythm And Blues Revue– Hang Over Blues
3-7 Johnny Otis Rhythm And Blues Revue– Blues Nocturne
3-8 Linda Hopkins– Living And Loving You
3-9 Devonia Williams– I'm Not Falling In Love With You
3-10 The Barreleers– Hold Me Close
3-11 The Robins– Turkey Hop
3-12 Mel Walker– Cry Baby
3-13 Redd Lyte– Ain't Nothing Shaking
3-14 George Washington– It Ain't The Beauty
3-15 Little Richard– Directly From My Heart To You
3-16 Mel Walker– Heartache, Here I Come
3-17 Mel Walker– New Love
3-18 Little Esther* And Mel Walker– Mistrusting Blues
3-19 Jimmy Rushing– My Baby's Business
3-20 Johnny Otis & His Orchestra – Hot Jaws
3-21 Johnny Otis & His Orchestra – Jeff-Hi Stomp
3-22 Johnny Otis & His Orchestra – Good Boogie Googie
3-23 Johnny Otis & His Orchestra – Barrelhouse Stomp
3-24 Johnny Otis & His Orchestra – Ultra-Violet
3-25 Johnny Otis & His Orchestra – Harlem Nocturne
Roots Of Rock & Roll #1 - Volume 4
4-1 Fats Domino– The Fat Man
4-2 Fats Domino– Trust In Me
4-3 Fats Domino– No No Baby
4-4 Fats Domino– Hey, Là-Bas Boogie
4-5 Fats Domino– Hey, Fat Man
4-6 Fats Domino– Reeling And Rocking
4-7 Fats Domino– Poor Poor Me
4-8 Fats Domino– Going To The River
4-9 Fats Domino– Mardi Gras In New Orleans
4-10 Little Richard– Little Richard Boogie
4-11 Little Richard– Ain't Nothin' Happenin'
4-12 Little Richard– I Love My Baby
4-13 Little Richard– Get Rich Quick
4-14 Little Richard– Taxi Blues
4-15 Little Richard– I Bought It All On Myself
4-16 Little Richard With The Tempo Toppers (2)– Always
4-17 Little Richard– Thinking About My Mother
4-18 Arthur Big Boy Crudup – That's All Right
4-19 Arthur Big Boy Crudup – My Baby Left Me
4-20 Arthur Big Boy Crudup – Shout, Sister, Shout
4-21 Arthur Big Boy Crudup – I'm Gonna Dig Myself A Hole
4-22 Arthur Big Boy Crudup – I Want My Loving
4-23 Arthur Big Boy Crudup – So Glad You're Mine
4-24 Arthur Big Boy Crudup – Mean Old Frisco Blues
4-25 Arthur Big Boy Crudup – Rock Me, Mama
Roots Of Rock & Roll #2 - Volume 5
5-1 Roy Brown– Good Rockin' Tonight
5-2 Roy Brown– Rockin' At Midnight
5-3 Roy Brown– Hurry, Hurry Babe
5-4 Roy Brown– Butcher Pete
5-5 Roy Brown– Letter From Me
5-6 Roy Brown– Rock A Bye Baby
5-7 Roy Brown– Everything's Alright
5-8 Roy Brown– Roy Brown Boogie
5-9 Wynonie Harris– Rock Mr.Blues
5-10 Wynonie Harris– Down Boy Down
5-11 Wynonie Harris– Lovin' Machine
5-12 Wynonie Harris– Baby, Shame On You
5-13 Wynonie Harris– Bite Again, Bite Again
5-14 Wynonie Harris– Put It Back
5-15 Wynonie Harris– Keep On Churnin'
5-16 Wynonie Harris– Mr.Blues Is Coming To Town
5-17 Wynonie Harris– Wynonie's Boogie
5-18 Big Joe Turner– Corrine, Corrina
5-19 Big Joe Turner– Rebecca
5-20 Big Joe Turner– I Got A Girl For Everyday In The Week
5-21 Big Joe Turner– Jumping At The Jubilee
5-22 Big Joe Turner– Bump Miss Suzie
5-23 Big Joe Turner– Sweet Sixteen
5-24 Big Joe Turner– Sun Risin' Blues
5-25 Big Joe Turner– Blues In The Night
Chanteuses #1 - Volume 6
6-1 Big Mama Thornton– Hound Dog
6-2 Big Mama Thornton– They Call Me Big Mama
6-3 Big Mama Thornton– I Ain't No Fool Either
6-4 Big Mama Thornton– Rock A Bye Baby
6-5 Big Mama Thornton– Let Your Tears Fall, Baby
6-6 Big Mama Thornton– Mischievous Boogie
6-7 Big Mama Thornton– Walking Blues
6-8 Big Mama Thornton– Nightmare
6-9 Little Esther Phillips – I'm A Bad Bad Girl
6-10 Little Esther Phillips – Cherry Wine
6-11 Little Esther Phillips – Looking For A Man
6-12 Little Esther Phillips – The Deacon Moves In
6-13 Little Esther Phillips – Ring A Ding Doo
6-14 Little Esther Phillips – Better Beware
6-15 Little Esther Phillips – Hollerin' And Dreamin'
6-16 Little Esther Phillips – The Storm
6-17 Little Esther Phillips – Aged And Mellow
6-18 Ruth Brown– Teardrops From My Eyes
6-19 Ruth Brown– Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean
6-20 Ruth Brown– Wild, Wild Young Men
6-21 Ruth Brown– I Know
6-22 Ruth Brown– Shine On
6-23 Ruth Brown– 5-10-15 Hours
6-24 Ruth Brown– Daddy Daddy
6-25 Ruth Brown– So Long
Chanteuses #2 - Volume 7
7-1 Lavern Baker– Soul On Fire
7-2 Lavern Baker– How Can You Leave A Man Like This
7-3 Varetta Dillard– Double Crossing Baby
7-4 Varetta Dillard– Getting Ready For My Daddy
7-5 Annisteen Allen– Baby I'm Doing It
7-6 Annisteen Allen– Bongo Boogie
7-7 Big Maybelle & Rose Marie McCoy– Gabbin' Blues
7-8 Big Maybelle– Country Man
7-9 Ella Johnson– Ain't Cha Got Me (Where You Want Me)
7-10 Ella Johnson– No More Love
7-11 Helen Humes– Ee Baba Leba
7-12 Helen Humes– Voo-It
7-13 Nellie Lutcher– He's A Real Gone Guy
7-14 Nellie Lutcher– He Sends Me
7-15 Marion Abernathy– My Man Boogie
7-16 Faye Adams– Shake A Hand
7-17 Little Miss Cornshucks– Try A Little Tenderness
7-18 Eunice Davis– Work Daddy, Work
7-19 Julia Lee– Gonna Gimme What' Cha Got
7-20 Alma "The Lollipop Mama" Mondy*– A Job For A Jockey
7-21 Chubby Newsome– New Orleans Man
7-22 Jewel King– 3x7 = 21
7-23 Annie Laurie– It's Been A Long Time
7-24 Erline "Rock & Roll" Harris*– Jump And Shout
7-25 Dinah Washington– Cool Kind Papa / Fast Moving Mama
Chanteurs #1 - Volume 8
8-1 Percy Mayfield– Please Send Me Someone To Love
8-2 Percy Mayfield– Lost Love
8-3 Percy Mayfield– Advice (For Men Only)
8-4 Percy Mayfield– Cry Baby
8-5 Percy Mayfield– I Dare You Baby
8-6 Percy Mayfield– The Hunt Is On
8-7 Percy Mayfield– Louisiana
8-8 Percy Mayfield– The Bachelor Blues
8-9 Jimmy McCracklin– Jimmy's Blues
8-10 Jimmy McCracklin– Special For You
8-11 Jimmy McCracklin– She's Gone
8-12 Jimmy McCracklin– My Days Are Limited
8-13 Jimmy McCracklin– She Felt Too Good
8-14 Jimmy McCracklin– The Cheater
8-15 Jimmy McCracklin– Share And Share Alike
8-16 Jimmy McCracklin– Pleasin' Papa
8-17 Jimmy Witherspoon– Two Little Girl
8-18 Jimmy Witherspoon– Corn Whiskey
8-19 Jimmy Witherspoon– It
8-20 Jimmy Witherspoon– Lucille
8-21 Jimmy Witherspoon– Foolish Prayer
8-22 Jimmy Witherspoon– The Last Mile
8-23 Jimmy Witherspoon– Destruction Blues
8-24 Jimmy Witherspoon– Wee Baby Blues
8-25 Jimmy Witherspoon– Ain't Nobody's Business
Chanteurs #2 - Volume 9
9-1 Otis Blackwell– Daddy Rolling Stone
9-2 Otis Blackwell– Tears, Tears, Tears
9-3 Doc Pomus– Kiss My Wrist
9-4 Doc Pomus– Give It Up
9-5 Johnny Guitar Watson– Motor Head Baby
9-6 Johnny Guitar Watson– Highway 60
9-7 Peppermint Harris– Raining In My Heart
9-8 Peppermint Harris– Got A Big Fine Baby
9-9 Billy Wright– Hey! Little Girl
9-10 Billy Wright– You Satisfy
9-11 Andrew Tibbs– Bilbo Is Dead
9-12 Jesse Belvin– Dream Girl
9-13 Jesse Belvin– Baby, Don't Go
9-14 Chuck Willis– I Feel So Bad
9-15 Crownprince Waterford*– Coal Black Baby
9-16 Richard Berry– I'm Still In Love With You
9-17 Lester Williams (4)– Brand New Baby
9-18 Sonny Parker– She Sets My Soul On Fire
9-19 Jackie Wilson & The Dominoes– You Can't Keep A Good Man Down
9-20 Clyde McPhatter & The Dominoes– The Bells
9-21 Earl Forest– I Can't Forgive You
9-22 Earl Forest– I Wronged A Woman
9-23 Johnny Ace– My Song
9-24 Johnny Ace– Midnight Hours Journey
9-25 Sam Cooke & The Soul Stirrers– Jesus Gave Me Water
Orchestres - Volume 10
10-1 Earl Bostic– Cherokee
10-2 Earl Bostic– Flamingo
10-3 Earl Bostic– Bostic's Jump
10-4 Earl Bostic– Earl's Rum Boogie
10-5 Earl Bostic– Hot Sauce Boss
10-6 Earl Bostic– Apollo Theater Blues
10-7 Earl Bostic– Bostic's Boogie Blues
10-8 Earl Bostic– Earl Blows A Fuse
10-9 Earl Bostic– Earl's Blues
10-10 Tiny Bradshaw– Well, Oh Well
10-11 Tiny Bradshaw– I'm Going To Have Myself A Ball
10-12 Tiny Bradshaw– Breaking The House
10-13 Tiny Bradshaw– Walk That Mess
10-14 Tiny Bradshaw– Bradshaw Boogie
10-15 Tiny Bradshaw– The Blues Came Pouring Down
10-16 Tiny Bradshaw– The Train Kept A Rolling
10-17 Tiny Bradshaw– Gravy Train
10-18 Lucky Millinder– Ram Bunk Shush
10-19 Lucky Millinder– Old Spice
10-20 Lucky Millinder– Heavy Sugar
10-21 Erskine Hawkins– Caldonia
10-22 Erskine Hawkins– Hey! Doc
10-23 Erskine Hawkins– Holidays For Swing
10-24 Buddy Johnson– Be Careful
10-25 Buddy Johnson– Dr Jive Jives
Saxophonistes #1 - Volume 11
11-1 Hal Singer– Corn Bread
11-2 Hal Singer– Rent Party
11-3 Hal Singer– Singer Song
11-4 Hal Singer– Rice And Red Beans
11-5 Hal Singer– Swing Shift
11-6 Hal Singer– Indian Love Call
11-7 Hal Singer– The Frog Hop
11-8 Hal Singer– One For Willie
11-9 Hal Singer– Neck Bones
11-10 Big Jay McNeely– Jay Walk
11-11 Big Jay McNeely– Blow, Blow
11-12 Big Jay McNeely– Jet Fury
11-13 Big Jay McNeely– Deacon Express
11-14 Big Jay McNeely– The Goof
11-15 Big Jay McNeely– Just Crazy
11-16 Big Jay McNeely– Big Jay Shuffle
11-17 Big Jay McNeely– Deacon Rides Again
11-18 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson– Mr Cleanhead Steps Out
11-19 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson– Cleanhead Blues
11-20 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson– Just A Dream
11-21 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson– Have You Ever Missed Your Baby?
11-22 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson– Bonus Pay
11-23 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson– Some Women Do
11-24 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson– Alimony Blues
11-25 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson– When I Get Drunk
Saxophonistes #2 - Volume 12
12-1 Paul Williams (9)– The Hucklebuck
12-2 Doc Sausage– Sausage Rock
12-3 Red Prysock– Hot In Harlem (Moving Out)
12-4 Maxwell Davis– Jumpin' With Lloyd
12-5 Freddie Mitchell– Rocking With Coop
12-6 Jim Wynn– Rock Boogie
12-7 Jack McVea– Jack Frost
12-8 Lynn Hope– More Bounce To The Ounce
12-9 Plas Johnson Brothers Combo*– Mellow Woman Blues
12-10 Red Prysock– Wriggles
12-11 J.T.Brown*– Sax On Boogie
12-12 Paul Williams (9)– Back Bender
12-13 Lee Allen With Hosie Dwine Craven– Mercury Boogie
12-14 King Curtis With Doc Pomus– Work Little Carry Work
12-15 Tom Archia / Hal Singer / Wynonie Harris– Blow Your Brains Out
12-16 Big Joe Greer*– Rocking With Big John
12-17 Buddy Tate– Blowing Awhile
12-18 Big Joe Dougherty*– Big Bob's Boogie
12-19 James Von Streeter– Chitlin's
12-20 Bull Moose Jackson– Honeydripper
12-21 Willis Jackson– Gator Groove
12-22 Joe Houston– Jay's Boogie
12-23 Frank Culley– Floorshow
12-24 Jimmy Forrest– Night Train
12-25 Johnny London– Driving Slow
Rhythm & Blues Cocktail - Volume 13
13-1 Bill Haley And The Saddlemen– Sundown Boogie
13-2 Bill Haley And The Saddlemen– Rock The Joint
13-3 Bill Haley And The Saddlemen– Rockin' Chair On The Moon
13-4 Bill Haley And The Saddlemen– Real Rock Drive
13-5 Bill Haley And The Saddlemen– Rocket 88
13-6 Bill Haley And The Saddlemen– Crazy Man, Crazy
13-7 Bill Haley And The Saddlemen– What'Cha Gonna Do
13-8 Bill Haley And The Saddlemen– Fractured
13-9 Bill Haley And The Saddlemen– Live It Up
13-10 Bill Haley And The Saddlemen– Pat A Cake
13-11 Roy Milton– Rhythm Cocktail
13-12 Roy Milton– Information Blues
13-13 Dud* & Paul Bascomb– Let's Jump
13-14 Dud* & Paul Bascomb– Not Bad, Bascomb
13-15 Calvin Boze– Hey! Lawdy Miss Claudie
13-16 Joe Morris (2)– Wow
13-17 Bill Doggett– Big Dog
13-18 Bill Doggett– You Ain't No Good
13-19 Sonny Parker & Milton Buckner*– Worried Life Blues
13-20 Slim Gaillard– Flat Foot Boogie
13-21 Jimmy "Baby Face" Lewis– Mailman Blues
13-22 Ernie Butch Lockett– Butch Blues
13-23 Willie Dixon– Don't Let That Music Die
13-24 Connie Jordan– I'm Gonna Rock Till My Rocker Breaks Down
13-25 Doles Dickens– We're Gonna Rock This Morning
Memphis Blues Brothers - Volume 14
14-1 Little Junior Parker– Mystery Train
14-2 Little Junior Parker– Feeling Good
14-3 Little Junior Parker– Love Me, Baby
14-4 Little Junior Parker– Fussing And Fighting
14-5 Little Junior Parker– Feeling Bad
14-6 Little Junior Parker– Bad Woman, Bad Whiskey
14-7 Little Junior Parker– You're My Angel
14-8 Little Junior Parker & Bobby Blue Bland*– Love Me Baby
14-9 Bobby Blue Bland*– Drifting From Town To Town
14-10 Bobby Blue Bland*– No Blow, No Show
14-11 Bobby Blue Bland*– Wise Man's Blues
14-12 Bobby Blue Bland*– Loving Blues
14-13 Bobby Blue Bland*– Army Blues
14-14 Bobby Blue Bland*– Crying All Night Long
14-15 Bobby Blue Bland*– Dry Up, Baby
14-16 Bobby Blue Bland*– Good Lovin'
14-17 Rufus Thomas– Bear Cat
14-18 Rufus Thomas– Tiger Man (King Of The Jungle)
14-19 Rufus Thomas– Walkin' In The Rain
14-20 Rufus Thomas– Save That Money
14-21 Rufus Thomas– No More Dogging Around
14-22 Ike Turner & Jackie Brenston– Rocket 88
14-23 Ike Turner & Jackie Brenston– My Real Gone Rocket
14-24 Ike Turner– You're Drivin' Me Insane
14-25 Ike Turner– Trouble And Heartaches
New Orleans - Volume 15
15-1 Professor Longhair– Mardi Gras In New Orleans
15-2 Professor Longhair– She Ain't Got No Hair
15-3 Professor Longhair– Longhair Blues Rhumba
15-4 Professor Longhair– She Walks Right In
15-5 Lloyd Price– Lawdy Miss Clawdy
15-6 Lloyd Price– What's The Matter Now
15-7 Dave Bartholomew– Country Girl
15-8 Dave Bartholomew– The Golden Rule
15-9 Dave Bartholomew– I'll Never Be The Same
15-10 Dave Bartholomew– Who Drank The Beer While I Was In The Rear
15-11 Dave Bartholomew– Mr. Foo
15-12 Dave Bartholomew– Girl Town Blues
15-13 Tommy Ridgley– Tra La La
15-14 Tommy Ridgley– Shrewsbury Blues
15-15 Paul Gayten– You Shouldn't Know
15-16 Paul Gayten– Backtrackin' (Dr.Daddy)
15-17 Cousin Joe– Boogie Woogie Hannah
15-18 Blind Billy Tate*– Crying In The Morning
15-19 "Sugar Boy" Crawford*– Overboard
15-20 Earl King– Beggin' At Your Mercy
15-21 Earl King– Have You Gone Crazy
15-22 Smiley Lewis– Slide Me Down
15-23 Smiley Lewis– Tee-Nah-Nah
15-24 Guitar Slim*– Well, I Done Got Over It
15-25 Guitar Slim*– The Things That I Used To Do
Pianistes #1 - Volume 16
16-1 Amos Milburn– One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer
16-2 Amos Milburn– Good, Good Whiskey
16-3 Amos Milburn– Thinking And Drinking
16-4 Amos Milburn– Birmingham Bounce
16-5 Amos Milburn– Amos Blues
16-6 Amos Milburn– After Midnite
16-7 Amos Milburn– In The Middle Of The Night
16-8 Amos Milburn– Tears, Tears, Tears
16-9 Amos Milburn– Let Me Go Home, Whisky
16-10 Charles Brown– Driftin' Blues
16-11 Charles Brown– Groovy
16-12 Charles Brown– Peek-A-Boo
16-13 Charles Brown– Googie's Boogie
16-14 Charles Brown– Trouble Blues
16-15 Charles Brown– My Babe's Gone
16-16 Charles Brown– Gee
16-17 Charles Brown– Black Night
16-18 Joe Liggins– Pink Champagne
16-19 Joe Liggins– The Honey Dripper
16-20 Joe Liggins– Rag Mop
16-21 Joe Liggins– Little Joe's Boogie
16-22 Joe Liggins– Tanya
16-23 Joe Liggins– How Come
16-24 Joe Liggins– Spooks Holiday
16-25 Joe Liggins– Dripper's Blues
Pianistes #2 - Volume 17
17-1 Screamin' Jay Hawkins– Baptize Me With Wine
17-2 Screamin' Jay Hawkins– Please Try To Understand
17-3 Screamin' Jay Hawkins– Not Anymore
17-4 Roscoe Gordon*– Tomorrow May Be Too Late
17-5 Roscoe Gordon*– Booted
17-6 Willie Love (2)– Take It Easy
17-7 Cecil Gant– Rock, Little Baby
17-8 Cecil Gant– Time Will Tell
17-9 Nat King Cole– Route 66
17-10 Floyd Dixon– Ooh! Eee! Ooh Eee!
17-11 Floyd Dixon– Instrumental Shuffle
17-12 Lloyd Glenn– Joymakers Boogie
17-13 Lloyd Glenn– Midnight Boogie
17-14 Sugar Chile Robinson– Number Boogie
17-15 Sugar Chile Robinson– Vooey Vooey Vay
17-16 Ivory Joe Hunter– I Almost Lost My Mind
17-17 Ivory Joe Hunter– SP Blues
17-18 Tommy Dean (4)– Cool One Groove One
17-19 Tommy Dean (4)– Hour Past Midnight
17-20 Sammy Price– I Know How To Do It
17-21 Archibald– Stack-A'lee
17-22 Little Willie Littlefield– Sitting On The Curbstone
17-23 Little Willie Littlefield– KC Loving
17-24 Roy Hawkins– Wine Drinking Woman
17-25 Roy Hawkins– The Thrill Is Gone
Guitar Killers - Volume 18
18-1 Mickey Baker– Riverboat
18-2 Mickey Baker– Guitar Mambo
18-3 Gatemouth Brown*– Atomic Energy
18-4 Gatemouth Brown*– Guitar In My Hand
18-5 Matt "Guitar" Murphy* Avec Memphis Slim– Living The Life I Love
18-6 Goree Carter– I've Got The News For You
18-7 Jimmy Liggins– Going Down With The Sun
18-8 Tiny Webb– Billboard Special
18-9 Saunders King– Summertime Boogie / SK Jumps
18-10 Oscar* & Johnny Moore (2)– Shuffle Shuck
18-11 Tiny Grimes– Boogie Woogie Barbecue
18-12 Pete Lewis* & Gene Philips*– Boogie Guitar (Three Guitar)
18-13 Pete Lewis*– Louisiana Hop
18-14 Chuck Norris– Blue Strings
18-15 Ulysses James & Roy Hawkins– West Express
18-16 Teddy Bunn– Jackson's Nook
18-17 Johnny Rogers (3)– Junior Jumps
18-18 Elmore James– Hawaiian Boogie
18-19 Robert Kelton & Jimmy McCracklin– Blues Blasters Shuffle
18-20 Lafayette Thomas– Sam's Drag
18-21 Earl Hooker– Sweet Angel
18-22 Pee Wee Crayton– Rockin' The Blues
18-23 Pee Wee Crayton– Huckle Boogie
18-24 Pee Wee Crayton– Blues After Hours
18-25 Floyd Smith (2)– Floyd's Guitar Blues
Doo Wop - Volume 19
19-1 The Drifters– Money Honey
19-2 The Orioles– Crying In The Chapel
19-3 The Orioles– Hold Me, Squeeze Me
19-4 The Larks (3)– When I Leave The Prison Walls
19-5 The Swallows– It Ain't The Meat
19-6 The Clovers– One Mint Julep
19-7 The Ravens (2)– Someday
19-8 The Cardinals (2)– Wheel Of Fortune
19-9 The Flamingos– That's My Desire
19-10 The Robins– I'm Living Ok
19-11 The Dominoes– Sixty Minute Man
19-12 The Treniers– Poon-Tang
19-13 The Treniers– Hey! Sister Lucy
19-14 The Four Blazes*– Mary Jo
19-15 The Four Blazes*– Please Send Her Back To Me
19-16 The Four Vagabonds– Come In On A Wing And A Prayer
19-17 The Four Tunes– Mary
19-18 The Five Keys– Hucklebuck With Jimmy
19-19 The 5 Royales– Baby, Don't Do It
19-20 The 5 Royales– Laundromat Blues
19-21 The Mills Brothers– Across The Alley From Alamo
19-22 The Ink Spots– Java Jive
19-23 The Moonglows– Baby, Please
19-24 The Diamonds (6)– A Beggar For Your Kisses
19-25 The Spaniels– Baby, It's You
Blues - Volume 20
20-1 Sonny Boy Williamson II*– Mighty Long Time
20-2 Junior Wells– Junior's Wail
20-3 Big Walter Horton* Avec Jimmy De Berry*– Easy
20-4 Snooky Pryor– Boogy Fool
20-5 Dr.Ross*– Come Back Baby
20-6 James Cotton– My Babe
20-7 Elmore James– Baby, What's Wrong
20-8 Howling Wolf*– How Many More Years
20-9 Albert King– Merry Way
20-10 J.B. Lenoir– Mojo Boogie
20-11 Jimmy Reed– High And Lonesome
20-12 Big Bill Broonzy– Big Bill's Boogie
20-13 Brownie McGhee– Robbie Doby Boogie
20-14 Mercy Dee*– One Room Country Shack
20-15 Sunnyland Slim– She Ain't Nowhere
20-16 Willie Mabon– I'm Mad
20-17 Eddie Boyd– Five Long Years
20-18 Memphis Slim– The Come Back
20-19 Memphis Minnie– World In A Trouble
20-20 Grace Brim– Man Around My Door
20-21 Lowell Fulson– Don't Be So Evil
20-22 Little Milton– Somebody Told Me
20-23 T-Bone Walker– No Worry Blues
20-24 B.B. King– 3 O'Clock Blues
20-25 Floyd Jones (2)– On The Road Again