Various artists. Space Travel 2007-2014

250 грн.

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CD, Compilation
Trail Records



  1. Siddhartha - Nervous Breakdown 8:13
  2. Sky Cries Mary - Land Of All 5:09
  3. Beyond-O-Matic - Time To Get Up 9:41
  4. Ole Lukkøye - Deti 5:48
  5. Sky Cries - Mary Want 6:46
  6. Rada & Blackthorns - Interlude 7:02
  7. In The Labyrinth - Over The Wall 3:56
  8. Barrett Elmore - Woodlands 3:28
  9. The Narcotic Daffodils - The Crazy Dwarf 9:18
  10. Polska Radio - One Shangri-La 5:46
  11. Beyond-O-Matic-  Wish 7:47
  12. Plootoh - Caronte 6:02


Sampler not for sale. Promo Only. Comes in a plain cardboard cover.
All tracks are edits and taken from Trail releases or Trail compilations.

Trail Records - Exclusive Source of Psychedelic World Music.The company was founded in 2007 by two visual artists who collaborate to produce and release the creative work of musicians from different cultural backgrounds and traditions. We realize that there's a lot of talented artists around the globe who produce ingenious work that never had a chance to be discovered for lack of financial support or promotion. We collect original material from musicians and translate it into unique CD albums in limited editions as rarity collections. Mass production is not a priority for us. We strongly believe that music should be recognized as a form of Art in the first place - right above the commercial interests.